Roma in Central Eastern Europe Course

Registration Update!  
ANTH-UA 9200 Roma in Central Eastern Europe NEW DAY AND TIME!
**This course will now meet on M/W 12:00-1:20pm**
**Note: This class satisfies the Cultures and Contexts CORE requirement for Steinhardt and Stern students**
Course Description:
The tumultuous plight of European Roma and Gypsy groups during the 20th century has seen their culture and very existence as a people contested. Despite being subjected to intense assimilation policies and persecution, they regularly re-emerge with a remarkable revitalizing power. Who are then the Roma and Gypsies, what does it mean from their point of view? As a people without a state and the largest European minority they are the epitome of cultural diversity across borders and time. In this course we will learn about the historical social adaptations of Roma and Gypsy groups in Europe and the United states and then we will focus on the Central European Roma.
The course will draw on the latest research on topics such as Roma European migration, memory building, political mobilization, Roma women activism or youth movement. The course newly adopts a field-trip component that will complement the lecture and discussion sessions, a change reflected in the newly amended syllabus. We will visit a contested memory site of Nazi persecution and participate at a commemoration ritual; we will travel to a Roma ghetto and study the contours of spatial segregation and its politics; we will attend a performance of the “theater of the oppressed” and discuss with Roma actors how theatric language helps them express their aspirations etc.

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