Non-credit Internships at NYU Prague


Non-credit internships are a great way to become part of a community in Prague. At NYU Prague, you have a wide array of choices – journalism, business, non-profits, teaching, film…. we work with over 20 local organizations, plus we produce our own podcast and student blog at NYU Prague.

You can now access the Google Doc with the nonprofit internship packet where you can find the most up-to-date listings plus feedback from former interns.

HOW TO APPLY FOR NON-CREDIT INTERNSHIPS – The application deadline is Tuesday, January 30 (after orientation).  We will have an internship fair during the orientation where you can meet the internship mentors.  You can apply to multiple internships; you must send separate applications for each internship (each application must include your resume and CV).  If you have any questions, please write to

There are no advantages to applying early, so we recommend that you apply after you have had a chance to meet the mentors at the fair.


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