NYU Prague Classes and Faculty


At NYU Prague, classes are small and our faculty accessible.  Your teachers could be Members of Parliament, musicians, journalists, artists, former dissidents, writers, activists; their experiences provide unique insights to students in their classes.

Learn about a few of our classes below and browse our Spring 2017 courses.

What do Europeans thing about the recent election of Donald Trump?  What repercussions might his Presidency have in Europe? Find out the viewpoints of the former Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs, Josef Zieleniec, who teaches European American Relations in the 21st Century at NYU Prague.

How can activists change a regime? Dissident Jan Urban led the fight against the totalitarian Communist Regime in Czechoslovakia.  Now he teaches Modern Dissent in Europe and continues to pressure the government through his activism.

We live in a strange, transitional time for communications.  Activist Salim Murad helps students learn to recognize manipulation in the the media in Advertising and Society. 


Journalist Jeremy Druker helps international journalists working in totalitarian regimes  – bringing his know-how to his class Social Media Networking.

The Czech Republic has 10 times more libraries than the USA, and Prague is the ideal place to sit in a cafe with a novel.  You can delve into an exploration of Central European literature with Tomas Vrba to discover how Havel, Kundera and Kafka’s views about absurd governmental procedures are yet again relevant worldwide.

Leading European jazz musician Beata Hlavenkova released a critically-acclaimed album Theodoros which won the highest Czech award for jazz and blues albums.

Czech experimental composer Michal Rataj’s
Electroacoustic Composition students use technology to create fascinating pieces inspired by local sounds of Prague.

PraguePrague is an art historian’s paradise.  Explore the hidden beauties of one of the world’s most preserved cities with architect Zdenek Lukes, author of the widely-popular architecture guides called the Dog Walk series.  Or visit some of Prague’s dozens of galleries and museums with Prague-based British painter Simon North.


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