Meet NYU Prague Staff

The NYU Prague staff is looking forward to having you come to Prague this spring. Get to know us a bit better!

Jiri Pehe has been the Director of NYU Prague since 1998.  He was the senior political advisor of the Czech President Václav Havel from 1997-1999.  He earned a PhD in law at Charles University (Prague) and an MA from the School of International Affairs at Columbia University in New York.  Dr. Pehe is a columnist for Czech newspapers and comments on politics for international media. He has written books about the political situation in post-Communist countries and several novels.

Thea Favaloro (Associate Director of NYU Prague) has worked at NYU Prague since it opened its doors to students in 1998. Born in San Francisco and raised in upstate New York, she enjoys reading, running and mushroom picking in Czech forests.

Vanda Thorne (Assistant Director for Academic Affairs) has been teaching sociology at NYU Prague for 14 years.  Vanda received her Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh, and an M.A. in Gender and Culture from the Central European University (Hungary) and an M.A. in English and American Literature from Masaryk University (Czech Republic).


Martina Faltova (Assistant Director for Student Life) is our Assistant Director of Student Life and working on on-site orientation, housing, health, wellness and much more.  She loves travelling and has worked at the NYU Global offices in New York and Madrid.


Sarah CoffeySarah Coffey (Program Coordinator, Music Program) is a native of the UK who moved to New York when she was a teenager. In Prague she’s a member of a professional choir.


Darima Batorova


Darima Batorova (Bulidng Manager, Osadni) is from Buryatia in Siberia – close to Lake Baikal. She loves gardening, and launched a fantastic urban garden in our Osadni dorm!


Marketa HelbrantovaMarketa Helebrantova  is the building manager in the Slezska Dorm and Office Manager in our Academic Center. Marketa is closely connected to Prague’s contemporary dance world.


Kristyna Cermakova
   (Building Manager, Machova Dorm) has been living with NYU Prague students since 2011, when she started as an RA.  Tyna loves orienteering competitions – navigating her way through Czech forests – as well as a singing and Czech folk dancing.


 Désirée Gonzalo is our global wellness counselor. Originally from Spain, she studied in the UK, and has worked with university students in the UK and the Czech Republic.



Maria Skripenova (Facilities Manager, Academic Center) has been coming to NYU Prague since she was a student at the Prague Economics University.  She has worked for us as an RA, Facilities Manager of the Osadni Dorm, and now is working on campus.  She plays the violin and loves sports.


Lenka Vavruskova (librarian) started working at NYU Prague in 2005 and set up a system to catalogue the 10,000 books and films in our collection.  She spends her spare time gardening and being with her three grandchildren.
Jan Hovorka–known by everyone on campus as Honza–is the IT Manager at NYU Prague.  Honza acquired a love of basketball when he spent a year abroad as a high school student in Louisiana.



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