Pre-Departure Orientation Recap

img_4408It was wonderful seeing all of you at the Pre-Departure Orientation on November 5th! We watched videos,  had a quick history of the Czech Republic, and an excellent Q&A with the Global Peer Mentors.  This interactive session covered everything you need to know as you prepare to study away next semester.

I am providing an online version of the presentation here as a helpful reminder of the important details we covered.  For those students who could not attend, I have shared a quiz to test their knowledge and make sure they know the essential information! If you received the quiz, remember it is DUE by Nov 18th!

Some key points to remember from the orientation:

  • All students must arrive on January 21, ideally between 9am and 7pm. Late arrival is NOT permitted!
  • Please note that housing is ONLY available during the dates of the program, January 21 – May 19! If you arrive early or leave late, you are responsible for your own accommodations.
  • All class attendance and course related field trips are mandatory.  Do not book personal travel until you have arrived and confirmed your syllabi.
  • Bring all the prescription drugs you will need for your entire stay. Make sure you talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for any medication you take regularly for the full 4 months. Do NOT ship medication overseas.

If you have any questions or concerns after you have read through the presentation, feel free to email me.  To be put in touch with an NYU Prague alum, email


NYU Prague Classes and Faculty


At NYU Prague, classes are small and our faculty accessible.  Your teachers could be Members of Parliament, musicians, journalists, artists, former dissidents, writers, activists; their experiences provide unique insights to students in their classes.

Learn about a few of our classes below and browse our Spring 2017 courses.

What do Europeans thing about the recent election of Donald Trump?  What repercussions might his Presidency have in Europe? Find out the viewpoints of the former Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs, Josef Zieleniec, who teaches European American Relations in the 21st Century at NYU Prague.

How can activists change a regime? Dissident Jan Urban led the fight against the totalitarian Communist Regime in Czechoslovakia.  Now he teaches Modern Dissent in Europe and continues to pressure the government through his activism.

We live in a strange, transitional time for communications.  Activist Salim Murad helps students learn to recognize manipulation in the the media in Advertising and Society. 


Journalist Jeremy Druker helps international journalists working in totalitarian regimes  – bringing his know-how to his class Social Media Networking.

The Czech Republic has 10 times more libraries than the USA, and Prague is the ideal place to sit in a cafe with a novel.  You can delve into an exploration of Central European literature with Tomas Vrba to discover how Havel, Kundera and Kafka’s views about absurd governmental procedures are yet again relevant worldwide.

Leading European jazz musician Beata Hlavenkova released a critically-acclaimed album Theodoros which won the highest Czech award for jazz and blues albums.

Czech experimental composer Michal Rataj’s
Electroacoustic Composition students use technology to create fascinating pieces inspired by local sounds of Prague.

PraguePrague is an art historian’s paradise.  Explore the hidden beauties of one of the world’s most preserved cities with architect Zdenek Lukes, author of the widely-popular architecture guides called the Dog Walk series.  Or visit some of Prague’s dozens of galleries and museums with Prague-based British painter Simon North.

First Time Traveler? Read these tips!

We’ve heard from many students that this will be their first time traveling outside the country, traveling alone, or even their first time on a plane. We have gathered some practical advice to make your journey to NYU Prague as smooth as possible!

  • After you purchase your flight, check with your airline about how many bags you can check in, and the maximum weight of each bag. You don’t want to be asked to pay extra for too much luggage.
  • Get luggage tags and put the NYU Prague address as contact information in case it is delayed. List a phone number of a close family member or friend in case the airline needs to get in touch about the delayed luggage.
  • Carry a small bookbag with your valuables and all essential items, including a toothbrush, medications, copies of your passport, credit/debit cards, flight confirmation, visa documents (if applicable), laptops/electronics and instructions on how to arrive to NYU Prague (this will be sent before you depart). All containers with more than 3oz of liquid (shampoo, etc.) should be packed in your checked luggage.
  • Exchange around 100 USD into the local currency 1-2 weeks before departure. Ask your local bank if they have the currency. It’s good to have cash on hand right when you arrive (and to avoid exchanging money at the airport since the fees are high).
  • Arrive 3 hours before your flight. This will give you time to check in at the airline counter (there may be long lines!), check your luggage, go through security and get to your gate with plenty of time.
  • Airplanes get cold- wear warm clothes on the flight, including socks!
  • If you follow a special diet (vegetarian, halal, kosher, etc.) don’t forget to inform your airline ahead of time. Also take your favorite snacks- it’s no fun to get hangry on the plane!

Study Away Confirmation Portal – due Nov 18

Throughout the past few weeks you have received information and access to the Study Away Confirmation Portal.  This is a final reminder that your housing application, required forms, and housing reservation payment) are due November 18.  Please ensure to meet this deadline so Prague staff can begin making assignments and preparing for your arrival.  You will receive your housing name and address about 1-2 weeks ahead of arrival.

As discussed in the orientation, when filling out the housing application, please remember to have an open mind and flexible outlook.  Given the number of students attending, we want to honor requests where possible, but know that this is dependent on your peers’ requests as well as availability.  Please feel free to be in touch with Martina Faltova, the NYU Prague Assistant Director for Student Life, if you have particular concerns. She can be reached at

Lastly, please note that the portal also has a section for you to input your travel details.  These are due by December 1 (only the housing portion closes November 18 – you can log back in to submit travel details if you don’t have them yet).  This is critical so site staff are aware of when you intend to arrive and can keep an eye on any delays that may occur.  The earlier you can submit these the better so staff can get a sense of common arrival times.

Apply to be a Prague Ambassador for the SSC

Are you looking for leadership opportunities while you are in Prague? The Site Ambassador Student Council position is a great way to make a difference while you are abroad! The Global Committee on Student Life, a part of the Student Senators Council, operates to strengthen NYU as a truly Global Network, and provides this opportunity to join the Study Away Site Ambassador Program.

The Site Ambassador Program is designed to extend student leadership at NYU to all of our global sites. Ambassadors provide their peers with a student liaison to the site administration and work to enhance the overall study away experience, while maintaining communication between the global site and the Site Ambassador Committee in New York. As student council officers abroad, Ambassadors will be evaluating the state of student affairs in their site, echoing the feedback from their peers, faculty and site administration abroad. We encourage you to apply today!

Application Deadline: Friday, November 25th at 11:59 PM EST

>> Apply to be a SSC Site Ambassador

E-Bills Coming Soon & Setting Up Direct Deposit

The NYU Bursar will send bills via email on November 29.  Please keep an eye on yourNYU email account for your NYU Prague bill. You can also log directly into eSuite to view your billing statements.  These will be due in full by January 5.

Visiting students, if financial aid money from your school is going to transfer to NYU and/or your school pays on your behalf, it is okay if these anticipated payments arrive after the bill becomes due. Only the portion of the bill that you are personally responsible for paying directly to NYU must arrive by the due date.

Additionally, if you anticipate receiving any portion of your bill in the form of a refund, we recommend setting up direct deposit with NYU.  Instructions on how to do so can be found on the Bursar’s website here.

Note: you can make your parents an “authorized user” of your e-bill account, if payments are typically made by them. For instructions on how to set this up, please seehere. Questions about the e-billing process? View the Contact Us page on the Bursar’s website to reach out.

*Tisch Professional Track Students: Your costs may vary slightly, so make sure to refer to the Tisch Special Programs website!

Beyond the Selfie – Wed, Dec 7th

On Wednesday, December 7th take a break from cramming for finals and join us for food and fun at Beyond the Selfie.  Mix and mingle with other NYU students preparing to study abroad during spring 2017 and receive tips from study abroad alums on how to get the most out of your travel writing, blogging, photography and video during your semester away. All attendees will automatically be entered into a raffle to receive great prizes.

Palladium Multipurpose Room
140 East 14th Street, 3rd Floor
1:00pm to 3:00pm

We’ll have lunch for you! Please RSVP on Facebook if you’re interested in going so we can have enough food available for everyone. If you don’t use Facebook just send an email to

We look forward to seeing you there!

Visa Status Survey & Receipt Numbers

Next week, OGS will be sending all students who are applying for Czech visas a Visa Status Survey. This survey will ask you to confirm whether or not you have applied for your visa yet, so that we can assist students who may be struggling to submit their applications.

This survey will also ask students for their receipt number, if they have one. Students who submitted in New York via an in-person appointment should have received this number at that meeting. Students who dropped off their application in New York should obtain this number by emailing the Czech Consulate (  1-2 days after submitting their application.

Meet NYU Prague Global Mentor, Robert!

Throughout the semester, you will have the opportunity to hear from NYU Prague alumni to gain their firsthand insight and tips.

Today, meet Robert, who studied in Prague in Spring 2016.

img_9868Major: Media, Culture, and Communication

What is your favorite memory about your time abroad? I think my favorite memory would have to be watching the sunset at Park Güell in Barcelona during spring break. My friends and I could not come to a consensus as to where we wanted to go while on break, so I went on a solo trip to Barcelona, Mallorca, Rome, and Florence. It was an awesome time and I think if possible, everyone should travel alone while abroad.

What was the most interesting course you took and why? Advertising and Society with Salim Murad is by far one of the most interesting courses I have ever taken. The course examines and compares advertising in the Czech Republic and the United States and the prevailing social, cultural, and political norms that dictate what is and what is not appropriate in each culture. Professor Murad facilitated phenomenal discussion and it was an incredible way to learn more about Czech history and culture.

Name two things you should not have packed. I should not have packed so many shoes!!! I was really only able to wear boots because it was so cold. I had about 3 pairs of sneaks that I most definitely did not need.

What two things do you wish you had packed? I wish I would have packed cough medicine. I got sick within the first few weeks there and I, of course, did not speak Czech, and even after Googling Czech cough medicines, I was still to nervous to go to the pharmacy and ask for it.

What advice would you give about housing? My only advice would be to live in Osadni because Holesovice is so beautiful and diverse. It is also much quieter than Vinohrady, so if you’re looking to decompress and get away from the busiest parts of the city, it’s an awesome place to live.

What do you miss most?miss sitting in Letna Park, going to cafes on rainy days, Hip-Hop night at Radost, and the entire staff at NYU Prague – everyone was so amazing and treated us so well and they honestly were one of my favorite parts of the experience.

If you could go back in time and do one thing differently, what would it be? I honestly don’t think I would do anything differently. Everything was so magical.

One good way to get to know locals is: A lot of the younger Czechs are super friendly so sometimes you meet people in the most random places.

If there’s one thing students should know about the Prague, it is: Prague is filled with so many hidden gems, be it parks, beautiful neighborhoods, or scenic overlooks. One of the best things about the city is getting lost in it and discovering everything it has to offer.